“When you dissolve your psychological self, you realize you are One with all the mountains, oceans, animals, trees, stones, flowers; realize you are One with All.  Relate to your cosmic self then serve all with compassion and boundless energy.”

                                                                                               —Yogi Amandeep 


Brahm Buta Initiative is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educational, therapeutic, spiritual, and charitable work.  Founded by Yogi Amandeep Singh, Brahm Buta Initiative is a community of yogis and spiritual seekers who share a commitment to deepen their spiritual practice with Kundalini Yoga and selfless service.


Our MissioN

The Brahm Buta Initiative supports yoga practitioners and spiritual seekers who devote elevated consciousness toward ecological reform, social equality, and the compassionate treatment of animals.  With awareness that the spiritual journey includes readily serving all, the initiative connects those with the ability and desire to serve to those who are in need. 

Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.
— Chinese Proverb