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Baba Jarnail Das Gaushala – Sanctuary for 10,000 Cows

In Mystical Travels with a Yogi to India, we have visited many vortex centres and sacred sites.  Once, we paid a visit to a special place, called “Gaushala,” a sanctuary for cows.

In the Village of Kapoorey in Moga Punjab, India, cows are living and thriving in the care of Baba Jarnail Das and his volunteers.

These cows have been saved from the slaughterhouses and are being looked after by those with big hearts full of generosity and radiant spirit.

As the story of the cow sage Muni Svetaketu {link to WISDOM page story} reveals, to spend time with nature and animals is one of the very important practices in ancient Yogic traditions. This practice leads to total dissolution of the ego into blissful Self realization. 

A seeker on the path of realization must learn to connect with beings of all realms.  Showing respect and compassion for all forms of life becomes an important ingredient in the life of a true seeker.  A visit to the gaushala can help us put our feet on the path of Self Knowledge.  Like Muni Svetaketu, with the grace of the divine, one day we will no longer see any difference between the value of our own life and that of all other beings.

 In this way, we shall begin to crystallize the actual experience of Ahimsa, non-violence, and Ek Ong Kaar, one universal consciousness.  Non-violence and oneness consciousness are deep and true realities that are held precious at the core of every being.

Even if you are unable to visit the sanctuary, donating any amount to this cause is an expression of your solidarity, your commitment to non-violence and oneness consciousness. 

We are grateful you have visited this website and taken time to read these stories.  We hope they have offered you nourishment and guidance on your path. 

If you so choose to donate, your contribution will benefit many cows. 

May your journey be filled with prosperity and the Grace of the Guru be in your heart.  May you be blessed to realize ecstatic union. 


Sat Naam!