A story from one of our donors. . .

The Attitude of Gratitude Can Fund a Dream

By Reinette Fournier / Suraj Kaur

When your heart is full of gratitude, there is a deep desire to offer something in return for the
gifts received. In my case, the gift was an awakening long sought after in my life. It came in the
messenger of Yogi Amandeep and in the wisdom he shared on spiritual life and the path of dharma.
I first met Yogi Amandeep in the spring of 2015. We had scheduled him for a workshop at our
studio, The Tenth Gate Center for Yoga and Meditation in Portsmouth, RI. I knew very little about
him at that time, although his name had popped up with kundalini yoga friends we knew across
the country as someone to pay attention to.

I can easily say that the workshop forever changed the course of my life. The soft-spoken, humble
man I met at the door of Tenth Gate was an undeniable force on the podium. His command of the
space, his knowledge of so many yogic traditions, his wisdom and the way he wove the teachings
into such a powerful experience left me speechless. I completely lost track of time and space and
was deeply immersed in the experience, which I found to be profound in content. It had been a
while since I had felt such powerful shifts from a single class.

Since that workshop, my husband and I have been on two Yatras to India with Yogi Amandeep and
have welcomed him back to Tenth Gate each year to sold out events. Each opportunity we have
had to be in his presence was a valuable learning and growing experience. It has made me a better
person and a better teacher. The gratitude I feel for Yogi Amandeep runs very deep. He is simply
an extraordinary teacher who works tirelessly to share the teachings with seekers from around
the globe.

During these times with Yogi Amandeep, he shared his vision of an ashram at the foothills of the
Himalayan Mountains. He envisioned a place for seekers to come, work, and study and that would
also include an animal sanctuary. It was a dream that I wanted to be a part of. I also saw it as an
opportunity for me to give something back. I asked Yogi Amandeep if he could set up an autopay
system where I could donate monthly to the creation of the ashram. This was accomplished, and
I became the first student to commit to a monthly donation to the Brahm Buta Foundation. This
offering makes me feel complete, happy, and of service. I plan to join Yogi Amandeep on Yatra again
in 2019 and to continue to donate to this ashram, which I know will become a spiritual home for
many seekers from around the globe. It is the attitude of gratitude that often makes dreams like
this come true.

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